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Compact Design is the Way to Go

Now that I am back in New York, I once again appreciate the value of space and how much space is valued at here in the city. As a kid I lived in a studio apartment with not one, not two but seven people (well, 5 of my siblings at that time) and the space was tight but my mom knew how to make it work out for everyone splitting the apartment in two and making one half the communal/family room and the second half the kid's space and I even had my own bed! But it has trained me to appreciate and manage living in tight quarters, such as the space above. 

Now that I'm a grown up not only do I not mind living in small spaces, such as a studio, but I also love great designed pieces to place in there as well. 
This home which was featured on Apartment Therapy is rented by fellow New Yorker who is greatly inspired by art deco styles and owns great pieces such as an Eames chair and a Louis Ghost Chair.

See more of his space here.

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Upcoming Design Events- Chicago

DreamHome- April 13- December 2011
Every year the Merchandise Mart gives a handful of designers the creative freedom to design a specific room in what they call a "Dream Home". The preview party is a hosted event by the Mart where they raise money for the University of Chicago Cancer Research Foundation and gives the attendees the chance to be the first to enjoy the spaces and chat with the designers over cocktails and hors d'oeuvres.

Artropolis- April 29 - May 2, 2011
Four days of great arty fun. My second favorite event at the Merchandise Mart for sure. Tons of amazing and creative artworks from all over the world. Between the music, the drinks, the people and the art there is not only a lot of fun to be had but there is a lot to learn about new and evolving art styles.

NeoCon- June 13-15
Probably one off my favorite design events of the year by far. NewCon showcases the new and top of the line commercial products and styles from all over the world. The Merchandise Mart hosts top commercial companies and has an array of great prizes and free swag gifts. It's only for two days so you have to take advantage of it while you can.

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Is Upside Down the Right Way to Go?

A Google executive demonstrates that by taking advantage of empty ceiling space you can make a design that's out of this world.

No, the pic isn't upside down is, the little room is!
So the other day I came across this photo of a small furnished space that is meant to be placed on the ceiling of a room. Apparently the creator of the room was done by Google executive Ji Lee which, in theory, makes sense. Considering that Google has access to the earth, Mars and almost all reaches of space why not other dimensions. If you took a trip to his office you just might see little aliens walking in and out of those doors.

Lee says this about his art line titled Parallel World:
"Decorating ceilings was a celebrated art form in the past centuries that somehow got lost through the reductionism of modernism," Lee continues "I wanted to bring a small wink to this space. I also liked the idea that somehow there's a parallel world which coexists with ours."

Other than it's cute uniqueness, I can't find a suitable reason to actually want to have this in a room setting. I couldn't even imagine putting this in my kids room in fear that he would one day grow up to believe that he had little invisible people who would live on his ceiling and play guitar...and then trying to scale the walls to reach them.

Now would I get this as a gag gift for someone, yes. Would I re-gift if someone got it for me...possibly not. Would I put this in my own home, where no one would see it... and imagine little sexy men that live on my ceiling.....absolutely.


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Sherwin Williams Commercials Are Awesome

Forget the Super Bowl commercials, Sherwin Williams has them beat creatively hands down.

If you haven't already seen some of the animated commercials by Sherwin Williams then you are missing out! Maybe it is just me that is all geeked out on their creative spin on making worlds out of paint chips with the addition of soft background tunes, but I think they are just brilliant.

The most recent commercial uses the digital paint chips to recreate Manhattan buildings and skyscrapers, air balloons and fields all leading up to a local Sherwin Williams store.

Being one that I am a lover of fun, bright colors and creative commercials every time it comes on I literally stop to watch and embrace it's colorfulness! Now I have been looking all over the net to try to share this commercial with you all, but alas it has not been found...but it will be.

Until then I have found other commercials done by Sherwin Williams in the same style so that you can gauge what it is that I am talking about. This one is cute too but didn't give me the same design goosebumps like the other.

Stay tuned!

Sherwin Williams - Paint Chips from Buck on Vimeo.

and another!

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8 Ugly Sofas Found in 15 Seconds

To truly love interior design one has to encompass the good and the bad design. But when it's bad sometimes it's baaaaaad.

So recently I have been looking online for trending sofas like new and modern sofa designs and unique sofa creations in the chance of sparking my upholstery creativity. While looking through a myriad of websites and blogs I couldn't help but notice that the ratio of beautiful sofas was equally matched with quite hideous ones! Here is a quick list of just eight sofas that I've come upon in 15 seconds that made me go "Eww!" than "Ahh!"

Ugly Sofa #8:  Lava Sofa by Studio Vertijet

While I absolutely love the color of this sofa, that's just about the end of my excitement for this piece. The weird flowing, bulging blob down the center and the weird mat-like thingy spewing out of that was enough to put this sofa on the list. Too bad, it has so much potential!

Ugly Sofa #7: Deer Valley Canyon by Rustic Best
I know that since I'm a city girl I can't get the gist of certain design styles, such as this one, where people feel inclined to mix horribly dated fabrics with leather. Someone, please, explain!

Ugly Sofa #6: Hawaiian Sofa from Mommy Life
Holy floral patterned sofa, Batman! All this sofa is missing is a few pineapples and a beach. Crazy imagine that someone had this upholstered on purpose. I could only imagine with the throw pillows look like! 

Ugly Sofa #5: The UnRoyal Treatment from Curbly 
This gold floral sofa was kindly made for not only for a few people to sit but even has a corner piece built in so it can squeeze in more people so everyone can get a piece of the action. 

Ugly Sofa #4 : from You Frisky
I'd like to call this the Jaba the Hut sofa, with legs. With a mixture of leather, wood and oversized buttons the thin frame doesn't logically seem like it should hold up the amorphous body. Odd, no?  

Ugly Sofa #3: On The Wall Sofa by Avaid Gil
I'd beg to differ- this sofa is actually an off the wall design. The "sofa"which is made of texturized vinyl, rubber, iron, wood, foam is designed to seat more than one person but it seems the extra slant might deter another person from wanting to pop a squat, so to say. What better way to say "Don't sit here!" than with this chair. Unless you built a room shaped like an octagon I can't figure out where this would be best fit, unless it was for the Flintstones. 

Ugly Sofa #2: Catcus Sofa
Yes ,we can see that it's obviously this sofa was obviously designed for the people you dont want to stay long! Mother-in-laws beware!

and now.....

Ugly Sofa #1: Spiesser Sofa by Hannes Grebin
So this one takes the cake, especially since I can't particularly tell what exactly is supposed to be happening here. It's almost like a hodgepodge of a broken sofa tossed with an area rug and old lady place mats strategically placed on what I assume are edges. Even down to the awkwardly spindly and uneven legs I would be quite afraid to sit on this couch! Number one!

Would I see one of these if I came by your place?  

Who knew? There is actually a worldwide ugly couch competition by Norwood Mall. The website (which has has been holding the competition since 2001!) hosts a map with photos taken worldwide of the ugliest sofas around. Sadly there is no actual prize such as a new sofa, only the title as the "Ugliest Couch In The World" (bummer!) While some of the couches are mildly ugly, simply outdated or worn, some are  to say the least complete hideous! My favorite by far is the winner in 2003. Check them out here...if you dare. 

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Cool Athena Sofa From Germany

The Athena Sofa is packed full of style, comfort and function

Germans don't only make good cars, but good furniture too! The German company Artanova creates not only beautifully modern and stylish pieces but with cool amenities of the Athena sofa it's packed full of functionally as well! 

The media sofa comes equipped with two computers nestled safely in the armrests. The flat screens will not only allow you to control your home stereo systems, but you can check your emails or website updates (*cough* Designtology *cough*) and watch TV from the comfort of your own seat. 

While the sofa may be extremely convenient it will cost you having a price tag of over$15,000. But if you got it spend it, right?

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