The Art of Hanging Art and Pictures

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No matter how many pieces of furniture I own or place in a room, I always feel a sense of emptiness whenever I have bare walls. It would always seem that I capture the most wonderful and memorable moments yet I have them all hoarded on my phone or my computer. Or I will buy a great piece of artwork (or find a neat African carved head by the alley way- post to come) and plan on putting them up but never manage to get them showcased out to the world. While I may share many of my favorite pics on Facebook or Instagram, there is just something about a hung picture or artwork hung that instantly transports me back to that memory and brings back happiness and excitement.

This being said it can be a challenge to determine which, out of all the pictures or art, is best to use and then the second most important step- how to display them? From using frames with a variation of sizes, styles and colors to the many hanging options, its almost limitless the number of ways to do so.  

Here are a few great examples I've come across that show the many different solutions. They are all great ways to use to show off your favorite art, photos or the combination of the two to bring about a sense of nostalgia and warmth to your home.

Framed & Unframed Art
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Here the focal wall has a great variation of artwork, balancing all the pictures visually by using black frames.

Black on White 
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Alternating black and white frames with black and white photos definitely adds little pizzazz.
Frames Squared
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Hanging frames within frames are also a fun and simple way to add great interest to a wall.

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Not all arrangements have to be fitted to a perfect square. These are hung asymmetrically and came out totally charming.

Perfect For Hall Walls
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This one for me represents great balance between the use of small, medium and large frames.
Magic In Multiples
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In a tight, windowless hallway adding multiple photos can not only act as a great reflective surfaces to bounce light off of but can also make the space feel larger while doing so! 
Hanging Around Shelves
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Add a little functionality by hanging pictures directly to the wall and some on floating shelves.  
Personalize corners
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I love how they added a little coziness to this corner with cute family photos and simple framed art. 
Suspending Photos
Suspending photos with a rope or wire is fun and unique way to showcase you most treasured moments. 
Also check out this link to Canadian House & Home for additional tips for hanging art from grouping, to lighting and even height preferences. Do you have a certain method that works for you? How do you prefer to hang your photos? 

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