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Time to Set the Table - Gorgeous Table Settings for any Occasion

As like every year, Thanksgiving here in Canada always seems to creep up on us too fast! We're never ready and usually by week's end we'...

Even with the holiday's now behind us, there are still plenty of dinners, gatherings, and fun get-togethers to be had in 2018! 
The best part is you don't have to go to a wedding or an event for a lovely dinner setting, you can create one right at home for any occasion, using simple tricks and inexpensive pieces to make the table as pleasing as the food! 
Here are some quick and fun guidelines that I love to use for large events or small get-togethers at my house, all will work for any season or reason!or large events or small get-togethers at my house that will work for any season or reason! 

Dinner party. Informal vs. Formal.  Something we should all know, because tradition is a good thing.


So your basic table setting must haves are:
Tea lights/ candles

A few ways get creative with your setting is by adding lots of color in the decorations such as punches of color in flowers, candles, in decorative plates and even in napkins! By adding some height to the center of the table with flowers or tapered candles dimension and liven up a table, just make sure not to add so much so that you can't have a conversation with the person across from you. Awkward!

For rounder or square tables try a simple bouquet of flowers in the center and for a rectangle or long tables try runners and pieces to go down the center.

Tablescape, love the mix of gold, the quarter foil print and the little animals which could be an easy diy.
This table rocks with the white, black and gold and pink accents. And I just love the little animal seat settings.

While this table setting is a little more opulent then I could do in my own home, I absolutely love the bold colors of the flowers, gold accents, and sweet plate settings.

Bookmark these budget-friendly tips to save serious money on your wedding decor.
Sometimes the simplest idea is the best idea! Just a few leaves here and a light string there and your table is set!

Rustic-elegant place settings for #Thanksgiving. So simple!
Stappit!!! It's a pinecone in a cup! Perfect!

Black and Metallic Centerpiece
Artichokes, apples, gold accents and a feather. We can do that! 

Spring Bridal Shower Inspiration
Are those fruit cartons as place settings? I say YES!

<3 cinnamon sticks and greenery.  Simple decor for holiday or rustic  tablescape

Other table setting ideas
1. Wrapping cinnamon sticks with pine leaves in twine is a great and simple accent for the table
2. You can also do the same wrapping around a non-scented candle!
3. Try putting apples or small pumpkins in the center of the table as decor
4. Use cute and simple household items as place settings: corks with sprigs inserted, apple with a tag, 
5. Use anything as a  rustic flower setting such as mason jars, water jugs, tall glasses, anything you can fit it in. Even a can wrapped in festive paper will do the job! 
6. Use gold leafing on large leaves and then script in names or numbers

Honestly - I try to get items that I can afford to either toss or save to reuse another holiday so for me the simpler the better! Small decorative gourds, pumpkins, and even apples are not only easy to paint or stencil on, but can be easily bought for under $5 and tossed or eaten (that apple is breakfast for me!). I even grab a few leaves off of trees by my house and use those instead of buying fake ones from the store. Not only are they real but also really easy to throw away! 

Do you have some easy table setting tricks? Share your tricks! 

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10 Chic DIY Pumpkin Decor Ideas

Let's pump up your fall décor and to get inspired with these fun DIY pumpkin ideas.

It's that sweet, pumkin-y time of year again! From decorating or turning them into pies, this is the season to enjoy one of my favorite gourds to the fullest! Every year there are new and more creative ways to carve and decorate pumpkins than just the traditional triangle cut out eyes and teeth. Between lights, glitter, gems and some paint they don't even require cutting or gutting at all, and I like that! Less mess is less stress!

Here are 10 great ideas for some pumpkin decor from my Pinterest page that are simple enough to do on your own, as a weekend activity with the kiddos or to at least get those creative juices flowing! 

1. Copper

Copper is fun trend that has been popping up recently and can instantly spice up your pumpkin decor. There are many different copper colors and spray paints you can find at Home Depot or you can use this Valspar Copper Spray.

2. Ombre Collection 

Image via Pinterest | inspirationformoms

Another great decorating trend are painting pumpkin in ombre. This look can be created in a few ways, here is in a group of slowing changing colors creating a soft ombre collection of pumpkins as a centerpiece.

3. Ombre Painted

Image via Pinterest | Countryliving

Here is another way to use the ombre design on a pumpkin where instead the pumpkin is painted in different shades to create an ombre effect. You can also use white, orange and yellow to create an ombre candy corn look!

4. Wordy Pumpkins
Image via Pinterest | Beautyofwedding

"Gather" "Family" "Fall" "Sweater Weather" can be painted or stenciled onto the pumpkins for a quick and easy decor.

5. Glitter

Gold Confetti Pumpkins
Image via Pinterest l Homey Oh My

There are so many great ways to make and use glitter that do not involve the shiny dust that takes millions of years to clean up. There is a variety of glitters that are much larger or that you can make yourself using a shredder or scissors and then adhere with some simple glue or ModPodge. 

6. Crayons
Decorated pumpkins for fall
Image from Pinterest

Do you, like me, have a kid with a crayon bin full of broken and unlabeled crayon bits? Do not despair! There is more you can do with crayons besides coloring with them. Simply reuse them by melting them with a hairdryer and seem them live again! This techniqueThe  can also be used on canvas and other materials as an alternative to paint. 

7. Go Batty
Batty Pumpkins

The simpler the better right? This pumpkin was simply painted in a glossy white and has black bat cutouts glued to the side. Nice and easy! You can find some like these here or you cut out and fold your own.

8. Flowers
Sweet and Spooky Pumpkin
Image via Pinterest | BlogLovin

Simply arranging and glueing flowers of various sizes to your pumpkin can give it glam. I also really love black painted pumpkins. A simple dark background for the white flowers to shine from.

9. Gold Pens
Striped Pumpkins

Do you have metallic paint pens handy? If so this is a perfect time to break them out! If not, they are very inexpensive, many starting for about 5 dollars. I like using these Sharpie Oil-Based Paint Markers in assorted & metallic colors.

10. Gem it up
Bejewelled Pumpkin
Image via Pinterest | Her Campus

If you know my magnets you'll know how much I love to throw a gem on just about anything! So being able to stick some on a pumpkin (and it's another one painted black) shows to be a fabulous idea. These are easy to find in Michael's or you can use this link to find some on Amazon.

Which pumpkin decor is your favorite? 

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Winter Wreathing Season

One of the best ways to welcome the coming season into your home is to start at the door - literally! Putting a wreath on your front door can not only invite in the season, but also to your guests!
Image result for a wreatha franklin
It's A-Wreath-A-Franklin!! Get it! 

There are a lot of wreaths out there (amazing wreaths!) that just give you everything - flowers, berries, pine cones, scents, letters. You name it, it's out there. However, seasons tend to change up pretty quickly these days and while a super decorative wreath is totally GORG on a large house with a lovely walkway and possibly a few lovely potted plants and a welcome map in script with "Welcome friend" at the door, unfortunately, does not have the same appeal on the front of my small New York apartment door with the current "What??" mat outside. (Actually that mat was soo last year, this year my mat just reads"Yes??")

With this being said and the winter season approaching there are talks of moi hosting some dinners and get together's at my place in the near future. So now is a good time to start making the place more inviting and seasonal we'll say.

Now I did mention that I live in a building in NYC so obviously my apartment is small and in charge which means where there is a lack of storage we have to substitute with creativity. I would love to have some large door wreath and decor to bring out every holiday, my place lacks the basement-attic-closets needed to maintain such luxuries.

Instead, I love to find a way to incorporate the seasonal changes while A) not breaking the bank and B) making it as simple and DIY friendly as possible.

There are tons of great examples out there of pretty yet simple wreaths to create. Here are some examples of the ones I like best and that I will be deciding among when I make my own this year. Take a peek at these lovely inspirations and let me know which one you like the best. 

When I have created my sweet masterpiece I will post-it for all to see!


How to make a snowball wreath
You can't get any simpler than a snowball wreath!

How to make an ornament wreath. Maybe this will help my weird wreath craving lately.

 Pretty Ornament Wreath

Image result for decorating wreath

Hold on, are those square wreaths right there?

I LOVE this Rudolph wreath. Super cute.

Personalize your fall wreath with a monogram. That's just one of the very simple fall decorating ideas from Ashley Lloyd of Let’s Mingle on The Home Depot Blog. Click through to see more of her front porch decorated for autumn. || @letsmingleblog
L stands for LOVE with this cute, fall wreath 

OK, so this isn't a very fallish wreath, but it is super cute! 

A quick list of items to make a wreath with, most you can find right at your Dollar Store:
  • yarn
  • leaves
  • balls / ornaments
  • feathers
  • wire hanger
  • felt 
  • hot glue
  • led lights
  • pine cones
  • paint
How about a couple of my biggest fears - wreath fail!

Image result for wreath fails

Image result for wreath fails
Image result for wreath fails
Image result for wreath fails

Fun fact:
Do you know the origin of the wreath? Here is what the internet says-

The word 'wreath' is derived from an English word meaning to twist, such as in a circle. Some believe that initially wreaths were hung on doors in Ancient Rome to represent victory. In Christianity, the Christmas wreath was used to symbolize Christ.

Have you created an awesome (or awesomely bad) wreath? Share it with us!

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High End to Low Cost - Sofas

With all of the different variations of sofas out there, It is never easy to simply and quickly find the perfect one that fits into your design scheme as well as in your budget. 

If you are on a search for a new couch and do not know where to start in your buying process, here is a great cost breakdown of several awesome brands that range from high to lower budgets. 
This list has been divided into three categories based on price: 1) high-end furniture in the low thousands and up, 2) mid-range sofas from $1,000 to $3,000, and 3) budget sofas under $1,000.

High-End Sofas: Low Thousands and Up

c03a23d01c9827969c5db7a3a489b068da45dfd4. w.94 h.71 s.centercrop Baker Furniture 
If your tastes run traditional, they're a good source for well-made sofas with hardwood frames and hand-crafted detail work, like coil springs and tufting. Prices on Baker sofas depend on styles and upholstery options, and start around the low thousands, moving up from there. Shown left is the Neue Sofa.
4e5f82da04b951e1a93b114d9c5d5e58713168e8. w.94 h.71 s.centercrop Ligne Roset 
They carry modern and contemporary sofas by A-list designers, and prices range from the low to mid thousands. This is the Confluences Sofa, designed in 2009 by Phillipe Nigro. It's a modular, mix-and-match design with component pieces starting around $1,000.
8388d8c63cf8e27418d074d45a2e389c41517aa5. w.94 h.71 s.centercrop B and B Italia 
This Italian company makes contemporary leather and fabric sofas, many of them with streamlined steel bases. They work with prominent international designers, and prices start in the single-digit-thousands, moving up from there. Shown left is the Jean Sofa by Antonio Citterio.
b4c4f893b3494d447f8ebd5365a4143262dd3dc8. w.94 h.71 s.centercrop Jayson Home & Garden 
We really love the sofa selection at this Chicago store. Pieces feel well curated, with a nice balance of modern and traditional styles, as well as a few top-condition vintage finds thrown into the mix. This is the Celeste Sofa for $3,000.
44aa384210489eea33534d69fe9ccaf04ed27ae1. w.94 h.71 s.centercrop Roche Bobois 
They're known for low-slung modular sofas in a variety of prints and patterns, perhaps most famously the "hippie chic" Mah Jong Sofa by Hans Hopfer. Their upholstery options are uniquely over-the-top, and fit in well with a bohemian high-design aesthetic.

Mid-Range Sofas: $1,000 - $3,000

8af8bb87549e090b1b04707ffade20ba39ba9f99. w.94 h.71 s.centercrop Mitchell Gold + Bob Williams 
Their sofas are well made, with hardwood frames, double-doweled joints, and 8-gauge steel serpentine springs. Prices usually clock in under $3,000, and styles range between modern and traditional. This is the Chester Sofa, an updated version of the classic Chesterfield sofa.
ba4b8f3d46aac9f433d39f00c170dff8b74b8040. w.94 h.71 s.centercrop Room & Board 
Their sofas are made in the USA with hardwood frames, they offer 200 upholstery options, and you can find several couches in the low thousands and sometimes under $1,000. This is the Jasper Sofa, starting around $1,200.
f6f4fdc37c4f6604fd920079704d452559c536e6. w.94 h.71 s.centercrop Crate and Barrel 
The majority of their sofas are made with FSC-certified, kiln-dried hardwood frames, and they carry lots of options in the low thousands or below. This is the popular mid-century-style Petrie Sofa for $1,600.
be8d9c25ae57e3c01b9ebd20c63d166467447c2a. w.94 h.71 s.centercrop Macy's 
The selection is wide here, and there are good and bad options. They have frequent sales and you can find small apartment-sized sofas as well as large sectionals. This is the Leah Sectional, currently on sale for $1,300.
99b2a4d0081d3862624e1cae4e37ddf205807ebd. w.94 h.71 s.centercrop Design Within Reach 
Many of their modern sofas are on the higher end, but they do carry lines under $2,000, including the classic mid-century Case Study Daybed, currently on sale for $1,450.

Budget Sofas: Under $1,000

3578820ee62de0c1105194bd9f95849036bc5f1d. w.94 h.71 s.centercrop CB2 
Like their sister store, Crate and Barrel, CB2 uses FSC-certified, kiln-dried hardwood frames. They have simpler, more modern styles that can go as low as $600 or as high as $1,500. This is the armless Draper Sofa for $800.
c8c5703a05cad29d8f7a6a12c4a702c9de6af799. w.94 h.71 s.centercrop West Elm 
Their specialty is apartment-sized furniture for design-minded people on a budget. Styles are basic, modern, and a little on the chunky side. This is the Sutton Sofette, starting at $600.
75820a15dbca3388c6c00150cebad5868c0ed1e6. w.94 h.71 s.centercrop IKEA 
Their sofas have gotten better in recent years and, although they're not as durable as higher end brands, lines like the Karlstad and Lillberg are of decent quality. Shown left is an apartment-sized version of the Karlstad Sofa for $600.
b41fda5d84f27706ddc381d67c1abec5862a1f4b. w.94 h.71 s.centercrop Chiasso 
This online and Chicago-based store carries several modern sofas under the $1,000 mark. Most styles have metal bases and hardwood frames. This is the Spezia Sofa for $800.
acd6cf8056ce4a86e0c4bb68237e37209ebfe940. w.94 h.71 s.centercrop 
This online store has a wide range of discounted living room furniture, some good and some bad. They also carry several knockoffs, like this LC White Leather Sofa for $690. To get a sense of quality, read the customer reviews for products.

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