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Winter Wreathing Season

One of the best ways to welcome the coming season into your home is to start at the door - literally! Putting a wreath on your front door can not only invite in the season, but also to your guests!
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It's A-Wreath-A-Franklin!! Get it! 

There are a lot of wreaths out there (amazing wreaths!) that just give you everything - flowers, berries, pine cones, scents, letters. You name it, it's out there. However, seasons tend to change up pretty quickly these days and while a super decorative wreath is totally GORG on a large house with a lovely walkway and possibly a few lovely potted plants and a welcome map in script with "Welcome friend" at the door, unfortunately, does not have the same appeal on the front of my small New York apartment door with the current "What??" mat outside. (Actually that mat was soo last year, this year my mat just reads"Yes??")

With this being said and the winter season approaching there are talks of moi hosting some dinners and get together's at my place in the near future. So now is a good time to start making the place more inviting and seasonal we'll say.

Now I did mention that I live in a building in NYC so obviously my apartment is small and in charge which means where there is a lack of storage we have to substitute with creativity. I would love to have some large door wreath and decor to bring out every holiday, my place lacks the basement-attic-closets needed to maintain such luxuries.

Instead, I love to find a way to incorporate the seasonal changes while A) not breaking the bank and B) making it as simple and DIY friendly as possible.

There are tons of great examples out there of pretty yet simple wreaths to create. Here are some examples of the ones I like best and that I will be deciding among when I make my own this year. Take a peek at these lovely inspirations and let me know which one you like the best. 

When I have created my sweet masterpiece I will post-it for all to see!


How to make a snowball wreath
You can't get any simpler than a snowball wreath!

How to make an ornament wreath. Maybe this will help my weird wreath craving lately.

 Pretty Ornament Wreath

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Hold on, are those square wreaths right there?

I LOVE this Rudolph wreath. Super cute.

Personalize your fall wreath with a monogram. That's just one of the very simple fall decorating ideas from Ashley Lloyd of Let’s Mingle on The Home Depot Blog. Click through to see more of her front porch decorated for autumn. || @letsmingleblog
L stands for LOVE with this cute, fall wreath 

OK, so this isn't a very fallish wreath, but it is super cute! 

A quick list of items to make a wreath with, most you can find right at your Dollar Store:
  • yarn
  • leaves
  • balls / ornaments
  • feathers
  • wire hanger
  • felt 
  • hot glue
  • led lights
  • pine cones
  • paint
How about a couple of my biggest fears - wreath fail!

Image result for wreath fails

Image result for wreath fails
Image result for wreath fails
Image result for wreath fails

Fun fact:
Do you know the origin of the wreath? Here is what the internet says-

The word 'wreath' is derived from an English word meaning to twist, such as in a circle. Some believe that initially wreaths were hung on doors in Ancient Rome to represent victory. In Christianity, the Christmas wreath was used to symbolize Christ.

Have you created an awesome (or awesomely bad) wreath? Share it with us!

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