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10 Chic DIY Pumpkin Decor Ideas

Let's pump up your fall décor and to get inspired with these fun DIY pumpkin ideas.

It's that sweet, pumkin-y time of year again! From decorating or turning them into pies, this is the season to enjoy one of my favorite gourds to the fullest! Every year there are new and more creative ways to carve and decorate pumpkins than just the traditional triangle cut out eyes and teeth. Between lights, glitter, gems and some paint they don't even require cutting or gutting at all, and I like that! Less mess is less stress!

Here are 10 great ideas for some pumpkin decor from my Pinterest page that are simple enough to do on your own, as a weekend activity with the kiddos or to at least get those creative juices flowing! 

1. Copper

Copper is fun trend that has been popping up recently and can instantly spice up your pumpkin decor. There are many different copper colors and spray paints you can find at Home Depot or you can use this Valspar Copper Spray.

2. Ombre Collection 

Image via Pinterest | inspirationformoms

Another great decorating trend are painting pumpkin in ombre. This look can be created in a few ways, here is in a group of slowing changing colors creating a soft ombre collection of pumpkins as a centerpiece.

3. Ombre Painted

Image via Pinterest | Countryliving

Here is another way to use the ombre design on a pumpkin where instead the pumpkin is painted in different shades to create an ombre effect. You can also use white, orange and yellow to create an ombre candy corn look!

4. Wordy Pumpkins
Image via Pinterest | Beautyofwedding

"Gather" "Family" "Fall" "Sweater Weather" can be painted or stenciled onto the pumpkins for a quick and easy decor.

5. Glitter

Gold Confetti Pumpkins
Image via Pinterest l Homey Oh My

There are so many great ways to make and use glitter that do not involve the shiny dust that takes millions of years to clean up. There is a variety of glitters that are much larger or that you can make yourself using a shredder or scissors and then adhere with some simple glue or ModPodge. 

6. Crayons
Decorated pumpkins for fall
Image from Pinterest

Do you, like me, have a kid with a crayon bin full of broken and unlabeled crayon bits? Do not despair! There is more you can do with crayons besides coloring with them. Simply reuse them by melting them with a hairdryer and seem them live again! This techniqueThe  can also be used on canvas and other materials as an alternative to paint. 

7. Go Batty
Batty Pumpkins

The simpler the better right? This pumpkin was simply painted in a glossy white and has black bat cutouts glued to the side. Nice and easy! You can find some like these here or you cut out and fold your own.

8. Flowers
Sweet and Spooky Pumpkin
Image via Pinterest | BlogLovin

Simply arranging and glueing flowers of various sizes to your pumpkin can give it glam. I also really love black painted pumpkins. A simple dark background for the white flowers to shine from.

9. Gold Pens
Striped Pumpkins

Do you have metallic paint pens handy? If so this is a perfect time to break them out! If not, they are very inexpensive, many starting for about 5 dollars. I like using these Sharpie Oil-Based Paint Markers in assorted & metallic colors.

10. Gem it up
Bejewelled Pumpkin
Image via Pinterest | Her Campus

If you know my magnets you'll know how much I love to throw a gem on just about anything! So being able to stick some on a pumpkin (and it's another one painted black) shows to be a fabulous idea. These are easy to find in Michael's or you can use this link to find some on Amazon.

Which pumpkin decor is your favorite? 

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