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Time to Set the Table - Gorgeous Table Settings for any Occasion

As like every year, Thanksgiving here in Canada always seems to creep up on us too fast! We're never ready and usually by week's end we'...

Even with the holiday's now behind us, there are still plenty of dinners, gatherings, and fun get-togethers to be had in 2018! 
The best part is you don't have to go to a wedding or an event for a lovely dinner setting, you can create one right at home for any occasion, using simple tricks and inexpensive pieces to make the table as pleasing as the food! 
Here are some quick and fun guidelines that I love to use for large events or small get-togethers at my house, all will work for any season or reason!or large events or small get-togethers at my house that will work for any season or reason! 

Dinner party. Informal vs. Formal.  Something we should all know, because tradition is a good thing.


So your basic table setting must haves are:
Tea lights/ candles

A few ways get creative with your setting is by adding lots of color in the decorations such as punches of color in flowers, candles, in decorative plates and even in napkins! By adding some height to the center of the table with flowers or tapered candles dimension and liven up a table, just make sure not to add so much so that you can't have a conversation with the person across from you. Awkward!

For rounder or square tables try a simple bouquet of flowers in the center and for a rectangle or long tables try runners and pieces to go down the center.

Tablescape, love the mix of gold, the quarter foil print and the little animals which could be an easy diy.
This table rocks with the white, black and gold and pink accents. And I just love the little animal seat settings.

While this table setting is a little more opulent then I could do in my own home, I absolutely love the bold colors of the flowers, gold accents, and sweet plate settings.

Bookmark these budget-friendly tips to save serious money on your wedding decor.
Sometimes the simplest idea is the best idea! Just a few leaves here and a light string there and your table is set!

Rustic-elegant place settings for #Thanksgiving. So simple!
Stappit!!! It's a pinecone in a cup! Perfect!

Black and Metallic Centerpiece
Artichokes, apples, gold accents and a feather. We can do that! 

Spring Bridal Shower Inspiration
Are those fruit cartons as place settings? I say YES!

<3 cinnamon sticks and greenery.  Simple decor for holiday or rustic  tablescape

Other table setting ideas
1. Wrapping cinnamon sticks with pine leaves in twine is a great and simple accent for the table
2. You can also do the same wrapping around a non-scented candle!
3. Try putting apples or small pumpkins in the center of the table as decor
4. Use cute and simple household items as place settings: corks with sprigs inserted, apple with a tag, 
5. Use anything as a  rustic flower setting such as mason jars, water jugs, tall glasses, anything you can fit it in. Even a can wrapped in festive paper will do the job! 
6. Use gold leafing on large leaves and then script in names or numbers

Honestly - I try to get items that I can afford to either toss or save to reuse another holiday so for me the simpler the better! Small decorative gourds, pumpkins, and even apples are not only easy to paint or stencil on, but can be easily bought for under $5 and tossed or eaten (that apple is breakfast for me!). I even grab a few leaves off of trees by my house and use those instead of buying fake ones from the store. Not only are they real but also really easy to throw away! 

Do you have some easy table setting tricks? Share your tricks! 

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